Business Areas
MRK Co., Ltd. has been leading in the development of LCD repair equipment and LCD recycling sectors
based on our smartphone LCD recycling technology and competitiveness.
  • Optical Bonding
    Optical Bonding Services
  • Display
  • Display Equipment
    LCD Equipment R&D
  • Chemical Material
Research and Development
    Optical Bonding Laboratories

    Development of Optical Display Technology. At MRK’s Optical Bonding Lab, in order to provide the latest display technology, we are researching on the effective applications of various options (touch screens, vandal shields, polarizer and optical films & etc.).

    Digital Signage

    As the demand in the signage (installed and operated for advertising and publicity of companies) market is steadily increasing with the use of IoT (Internet of Things), it has bright prospects as well. As optical bonding is optimized for indoor and outdoor displays, it is the best solution in the market with its excellent visibility and readability in public places such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels & etc.

    LCD Display One Solution

    Based on accumulated technology and know-how of LCD repair equipment industry, we are leading the market as a specialized company supplying excellent performance, efficient production and stable equipment.

    UV Curing System

    In the case of UV LED curing, its method is light generation by currents flowing between semiconductor integrated devices and according to the development of various Photo-Initiators and Additives where today’s UV LED control technology can be used effectively, you can take advantages of UV LED curing technology in many more industries.

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