Optical Bonding of Display

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Optical Bonding of Display

Optical Bonding means bonding between the LCD display and the cover glass by using the optical adhesive: Optical Clear Resin (OCR) / Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA).

When industrial displays are used outside or indoors, cover glasses are used to protect the displays, while the air gap between the LCD display and the cover glass is vulnerable to humidity or dust depending on on the environment, and reflects light from the outside, thereby deteriorating the visibility of the LCD display.

Optical bonding improves the performance of displays by eliminating air gaps between the LCD display and the cover glass.

Advantage of Optical Bonding

LCD Protection

Protects display from shock, scratches, win and rain in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Water-proof / Dust-proof

OCR / OCA bonding between LCD and cover glass helps prevent water and dust infiltration.

Increased Durability

Increases durability of LCD by alleviating external shock and vibration

Clearer screen

Increases visibility and readability by eliminating diffuse reflection


Optical Bonding Structure



  • Applies to all display products under 105 inches
  • Adhesion of tempered glass for touch screen protection
  • Adhesion of curved glasses with PMMA / Acryl
  • Ultra narrow bezel optical bonding
  • Minimization of the space of front and rear spaces by minimizing the design intervals
  • Products that are bonded directly onto LCM
  • Transparent display bonding
  • Products that require multi-layer configuration (EMI, TSP, Glass)
  • Cooling system for high-brightness display products