Optical Bonding Lab

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MRK Optical Bonding Laboratories

Development of Optical Display Technology

MRK Optical Bonding Laboratories are researching on several application options (touch screen, Vandal shield, polarizer, optical film & etc.) to provide the latest and most effective display features

  • Surface laminations of optical, first-surface, films
    (antireflective, antiglare, AR / AG, privacy, ITO, etc.)

    Automatic Lamination (Display Size 5″ ~ 19″)

    Manual Lamination – Large Display Size

  • Special reflection, prism and polarizing films behind the LCD’s
  • Touch screens
  • Vandal shields (Gorilla Glass®, Shatterproof glass, optical bonding vandal shields, plastic)
  • EMI / RFI (ITO, mesh, etc.) filters
  • Dielectric contant (100Hz): 2.7 ~ 2.8
  • Optical and membrane heaters
  • LED backlights (sunlight / daylight or CCFL replacement)
  • NVIS filters
  • ¼-wave retarders and circular polarizers
  • Bullet Resistant Display
  • Waterproof Display
  • Transparent Display