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Teracon ®

The Teracon ® KS200/400 is shield consisted of aramid fiber and silver metal.

It has uniform electric conductivity, very high strength as well as good thermal and dimensional stability. It has excellent weight savings for braided EMI shielding in cables and harnesses. Shielding effectiveness with Teracon is dependent on details of cable design.

Braided with Teracon means superior shielding effectiveness vs. copper wire and significant weight savings because of the textile-like qualities and flexibility.

Teracon can especially be braided with metal wire to win electrical advantages and weight saving and strong strength.

  • Silver -clad type
  • Weights over 60% savings
  • Can use the same equipment for metal wire
  • Can be crimped
  • Available on 1,000m
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  • Teracon Brochure

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Teracon aramid fibers have been applied to a number of applications.

It is especially used in the following two fields.

  • EMI shielding
  • Specialized conducting
Data Sheet
Properties KS 200 KS 400
Size Filament Width(mm) 0.014 ±20% 0.014 ±20%
Metal Thickness(mm) 0.001 ±20% 0.001 ±20%
Yarn Weight,(g/m) 0.06 ±15% 0.12 ±15%
Materials Core Para aramid Para aramid
Filament Nr. 133 256
Metal Silver Silver
Electrical DC Resistance(Ω/m, 25 °C) < 15 < 10
Physical Break Force( kgf) 6.5 ±15% 6.5 ±15%
Operating Temperature Range -60℃ ~ 200℃ -60℃ ~ 200℃

Thermal Shock

(-60°C~125°C*30 min*50 Cycle)

<20% change in DCR <20% change in DCR

Salt Spray

(5% NaCl, 35°C/ 48hrs)

<20% change in DCR <20% change in DCR


(EU-RoHS/Halogen Free)

No contained No contained
Flammabilty(UL94) V0 V0
  • The upper data is based on testing of sample.
  • If need additional property data or customization options, please contact us.