Display Optical Bonding
About Optical Bonding

Optical bonding means bonding in between the LCD display and the cover glass by using the optical adhesives: Optical Clear Resin(OCR) / Optical Clear Adhesive(OCA).

When industrial displays are used outside or indoors, cover glasses are used to protect the displays, while the air gap between the LCD display and the cover glass is vulnerable to humidity or dust depending on the environment, and reflects light from the outside, thereby deteriorating the visibility of the LCD display. Optical bonding improves the performance of displays by eliminating air gaps between the LCD display and the cover glass.

Advantages of Optical Bonding
LCD protection
Protects display from shock, scratches, wind and rain in both indoor and outdoor environments
Water-proof, dust-proof
OCR/OCA bonding between LCD and cover glass helps prevent water and dust infiltration
Increased durability
Increases durability of LCD by alleviating external shock and vibration
Clearer screen
Increases visibility and readability by eliminating diffuse reflection
MRK Optical Bonding
Resin by material

Silicone adhesives have been used for over 30 years for bonding commercial and military displays. It has the advantage of being easy to rework due to its soft material properties. Due to the characteristics of the product, the adhesion is not strong, so there is a disadvantage that you need to be careful about the adhesion of the edges. For this reason, we seal the edges of the bond with a thin black tape or abrasion of the edges when in use.


Another adhesive we use is an acrylic formulation. It has a much tighter bond than silicon, but there is no formation of particulate debris. Rework is not possible if problems arise during production or use. However, for some designs where the use of tape to seal the edges is difficult, this may be the option of choice.

Resin by product type
OCR (Optical Clear Resin)

Optical transparent adhesive product made in liquid form for optical bonding of display and touch panel. OCR enables  operation in large size optical bonding.

OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive)

Optical transparent adhesive product made in film form for optical bonding of display and touch panel. With excellent transparency identical to optical parts even under the condition of refraction and high humidity, high temperature, it is an UV curable optical transparent adhesive most ideal for bonding displays and touch panels. OCA enables fast operation in small to medium size optical bonding.

Sil-Clearfit OCA
  • Material : Silicone based
  • Application : mini-LED, PCB, Automotive Display, etc.
  • Features : New product, combines the advantages of silicone material with improved adhesion
  • Manufactured by : MRK Co., Ltd
  • Made in : Korea
Touch Screen

Optical transparent adhesive product made in liquid form for optical bonding of display and touch panel. OCR enables  operation in large size optical bonding.

Infrared (IR)
Wave (SAW)

We provide high quality display glasses with various thickness and surface treatment options such as fine matte anti-glare, multi-layer anti-reflective and conductive ITO coating.
Chemical strengthening and silk screen printing are also available.

Soda-Lime Glass
Anti-Reflective Glass
Anti-Glare Glass
PMMA acryl plastic plate
EMI/RFI Shields

EMI/RFI Shields protects the system from Electromagnetic interference (EMI), which causes electromagnetic interference, malfunctions due to noise, and signal quality that cause system degradation in electronic equipment and system operation and it is necessary for applications that provide high electrical properties.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding is implemented by using the latest products such as Metal Mesh, etc.

Military displays
TEMPEST security equipment
Aviation Display
Marine AUTO Pilot System
Medical equipment and MRI rooms
Tests and Measurements

Reflects near IR heat with minimal reduction of visible light transmission

  • Neutral in color
  • Blocks 99.9% of UV light
  • Non metallic construction - does not interfere with cellular or GPS signals