Business fields

Curved Display

We have a patent and various etching technologies for curved displays.
And, we are developing and producing curved displays in various sizes for various display applications such as DID, Automotive & others.
Curved display patent in possession (Patent 10-201500121125)

  • 55 inch – 1700 R (concave)
  • 42 inch – 1700 R (concave)
  • 32 inch – 2000 R (concave)
  • 21.5 inch – 2000 R (concave)
  • 15.6 inch – 800 R (concave)
  • 15.6 inch – 160 R (convex)

Commercial Display

As the advertising market grows globally, the commercial signboard display market also expands.

Moreover, externally used high brightness displays, IP65 grade outdoor displays, dual displays, etc. are not only used by consumers to receive information about their products, but also used to promote companies and their products.